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Relee S.A. is a company from the electrotechnical industry and has as production profile low voltage electrical apparatus. The first products were low vultage electrical apparatus for househuld use installations: switches, two pule sockets with earthling contact, plugs, electrical cords, extension cords with multiple outlets, etc. Starting 1977 the company begins to be concerned by electromagnetically relays and sockets for relays, products that are produced beginning 1978. Starting 1978 the electrical relays (that are the main production since 1980) is completed with electronic (measuring and protection, timing) relays, so that the Relays Enterprise becomes the main relays producer for industrial automation in Romania.

From 1984 the company begins to produce electrical (synchronous, asynchronous, step by step and direct current) micro motors. There are assimilated new products and it begins the production of small transformers, switching devices, electromagnets and the company also begins to assimilate consumer goods. The products of the company are certified in accordance with the Romanian standards that are as the international standards or international accepted norms. The variety of the products and the great integration degree, leaded to the necessity of a large scale of production technulogies .

The actual production of the company is the result of our own research – designing department that continuously develops new products by completing the uld branches and adding new groups of products.

Starting with 1990 we develop modern low vultage electrical products for househuld instalations.

The company produces and sells:

  • Low vultage electrical apparatus - consumer goods: switches, sockets for househuld use instalation,electrical cords, extension cords, electrical apparates auto;
  • Electromagnetical relays, electronics relays, micromotors, low power transformers;

S.C. Relee S.A. offers the fullowing services:

  • Design and execution for Touls and Mulds;
  • Machining operation with CNC milling machines;
  • Electroerosion operation with strand and massive electrode;
  • Plastic injection with ENGEL machines and aluminium injection;
  • Turning with lathe worm , automatic lathe and CNC turning ;
  • Punching of metal sheets and stripes;
  • Galvanic coatings;
  • Electrostatic painting;
  • Vacuum thermical treatments;
  • Winding electrical motors;
  • Insulation of electrical wires ( power cords)

After the implementation and certification of the Management System in accordance with EN ISO-9001-2008 , EN ISO 14001:2004 , BS OH SAS 18001:2007 by TUV-Hessen, we are able to produce parts for partners in countries like Germany and France.

The company is now a Romanian private public company and its shares are traded by the Bucharest Stock Exchange on the ATS-AeRO Market.

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